At GLOBAL GROUP, we pursue accreditation with a range of oversight bodies around the world.

GLOBAL GROUP Accreditations

We are currently linked with a range of CB’s accreditation around the world for Certifications and Trainings.

American International

Accreditation (IAS)

American International Accreditation Services (AIAS)

United Kingdom Accreditation Services ( UKAS)

United Accreditation Forum ( UAF)

United Accreditation Services ( UAS)

What about other accredited bodies?

We continue to pursue new accreditations, so that the certification and training we offer is available, and relevant, in as many countries as we can. This also means that the quality of work you do can be widely appreciated – whether with current trade partners, or even with countries you may choose to trade with in the future. That way, your accreditations aren’t limited in their scope – and you can pursue new trade alliances with confidence