SASO CoC , Saber Product Registration, G Mark

Global Group in Cooperation, which is an accredited body providing conformity assessment services for businesses targeting the Middle East and North Africa markets. We deliver product certification services in accordance with the rules of international standard ISO/IEC 17065 as being an Accredited Body for issuing the Gulf Conformity Mark (G Mark), in addition of registering with the GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) for granting the Gulf Conformity Mark (G-Mark). applications from different manufacturers, importers, exporters and other concerned parties all over the world, seeking to ensure safety and quality of their products in accordance with the technical regulations adopted by the standardisation authorities in the GCC and Middle East regions. We are strictly committed to maximum confidentiality and integrity while fulfilling clients’ needs in the GCC and Middle East regions in order to enhance their reach to target markets and realize our own leadership locally and globally through the help of our technical team of experts.